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  • Over a million reasons to choose an Ebac Water Cooler...

    With over a million Ebac water coolers installed in Offices, Shops, Schools and Factories all across Europe, the style, robustness and popularity speaks for itself. Now you can rent an Ebac plumbed in water cooler direct from Ebac.

  • Ebac Premium Water Coolers & Water Cooler Suppliers

  • Every Ebac Water Cooler is designed and manufactured here in the UK

  • Why not customise your water cooler...

    All of our water coolers can be customised with various colour and panel branding options. Some of our customers choose to change side panel colours while others actually apply their own logo to the customisation panels.

  • No Bottles...No Plumbing...

    Our popular slim Brita filtered water cooler needs no bottles and no plumbing. You simply top up your water container just like a Brita Kettle

  • Water Dispenser Hire

    Whether you call it a water dispenser or a water cooler, Ebac have the product to suit your needs.

Ebac Water Coolers Direct

At Ebac, we're proud to be the leading water cooler manufacturer in Europe. We've been in the water cooler business for nearly twenty years and our water coolers include some of the most advanced features available. Due to increased interest and demand we are now providing Plumbed In water cooler rental direct to homes, businesses, schools and hospitals across the UK. If you're interested in renting a Plumbed In water cooler then rent from Ebac knowing that your water cooler was manufactured to Ebac's high standards here in the UK.

Plumbed In vs Bottled

Water Cooler Comparison

Read our quick and easy Water Cooler Comparison to see the differences between plumbed in and bottled water coolers...

Plumbed In vs Bottled

Which Cooler is best for me?

Water Cooler Wizard

If you're not sure which Water Cooler is best for you then let our Water Cooler Wizard help you out...

Water Cooler Wizard

Water Cooler Rental

Plumbed In Water Cooler Rental

At Ebac, our plumbed In water cooler Rental starts at just £20 per month if you manage your water cooler account online...

Water Cooler Rental

Need some more help?

Water Cooler Help

If you've browsed the site and you're still not sure about something then just ask us a question...

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